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"We've been running Wicks Sim-Angus bulls for about ten years now and they have done us a lot of good. We run in big, rough and often time unforgiving country and these bulls come through with flying colors. The cattle industry has been a little rough these past 4-5 years and in our world you can't afford to pay good money for bulls and then have them come up no good in a years' time, these bulls don't. 
Zane wasn’t BS’ing you in his catalog last year when he said that the same guy buys our calves every year and they top the market, this year was no exception. Thanks for the good bulls!"

Donner Ranch, Morristown, S.D.

"I started buying bulls from the Wicks family in 2018. Every year since, my buyer and my father have been more impressed by my calves. The Wicks SimAngus bulls that I have bought have been a great addition to my commercial herd."

Jason Signalnes, Keene, N.D.

"This set of bulls has excellent feet. They're one like the other standing up on a good hoof!" 

Justin Payne, Deering, N.D.

He has clipped our bulls for about 10 years and does a great job.

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