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Our Story

Wicks Cattle was officially started in 2005 when Zane made it his goal to make a 'souped up angus'- big square hips, deep, long, and big-topped, that are structurally sound, that gain well and will do exceptional on the rail. In 2012, we built WIX Barn and Lodge to host our annual bull sale and it has escalated to an event center our community and family can enjoy. We stay busy tending to our cattle, horses, pack of dogs, cleaning and maintaining the WIX Barn, traveling to rodeos, and chasing our dreams. We would not change it for the world!

Our Goal

The bottom line in a successful program is profitability. You don’t make money if you don’t have a high rate of conception, if your calves don’t get up at birth and suck, and if your calves don’t weigh up at sale time. Every program needs bulls that have libido to cover a lot of females and is structurally sound, it needs calves to have hybrid vigor at birth, and the performance in their genes to pay at the scale. We at Wicks Cattle want your program to succeed. We realize the bottom line to your programs’ success is that and to add performance and longevity to increase profitability to your program. We have both performance and longevity in our set of bulls. Contact us to learn more about our mission because we want to help you by providing you the bulls you may need to succeed.


WIX Barn and Lodge

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